LaFabrica Suit Hire in Durban - The Ultimate in Exclusive Fabrics
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Suit Hire

LaFabrica Suit Hire in Durban


Big days deserve big style, and you’ll look sharper than the rest, when you hire a suit from LaFabrica’s stunning collection of high quality men’s and boy’s 2-piece or 3-piece suits and tuxedos. They offer a choice of fits and styles for any occasion or celebration, with cuts that range from classic to contemporary, including international men’s fashion trends. On point colours in skinny, slim or tailored fits ensure you not only feel like a celebrity – you look like one too!


Because exceptional customer service is a cornerstone of LaFabrica’s business philosophy, you can expect the same outstanding level of service when it comes to hiring a suit. Their in-house tailoring service handles general alterations to guarantee your suit fits as if it were made for you, while the affordability will fit your budget just as perfectly!

LaFabrica Suit hire in Durban
Suit hire in Durban

We offer suit hire in Durban.

We Stock Bridal, Dress and Evening Wear Fabric, Matric, couture, and Trim.